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Learn SPSS in 15 minutes

Did you love this video? Enrol in our course "SPSS for Non-Statisticians - Analysis, Interpretation, Writeup" for just $12.99! Go to: https://www.udemy.com/course/spss-for-nonstatisticians/?couponCode=YOUTUBE

For students, researchers and data analysts who don't have a strong statistical background (or any statistical background), this course teaches you statistical data analysis, interpretation, and APA reporting in a simple, practical approach.

Alexander Mtembenuzeni takes the same simple explanations approach he took with the "Learn SPSS in 15 minutes" video on YouTube and used it to create this course.

The goal of this course is to get you to complete your research project without the need to go through complicated theories!

The course takes you from absolute beginner of SPSS and statistics with lessons such as getting familiar with the SPSS interface, creating variables, entering data, and running, interpreting and reporting basic analyses. From there, you will be introduced to inferential tests and hypothesis testing with statistics such as t-tests, ANOVA and linear regressions.

The course covers:

- Data entry, data importing and preparation
- Summarizing data using descriptive statistics
- Exploring relationships between different types of variables
- Choosing appropriate charts and developing them
- Transforming variables and managing the data to suit your analyses
- Choosing the appropriate inferential tests such as chi-square, t-tests and regression and running them
- How to interpret all the statistics presented in the course
- And how to write your results in your reports, dissertations, or thesis using the APA format
Data for Development : Did you love this video? Enrol in the coure "SPSS for Non-Statisticians - Analysis, Interpretation, Writeup" for just $12.99! Go to: https://www.udemy.com/course/spss-for-nonstatisticians/?couponCode=YOUTUBE
The Marine : paying thousands in tuition fees to teach myself on youtube sums up college really
Johanna : 2021 and this man is saving me from failing my SPSS exam tomorrow
dragonshadow : Wow this was such a clear explanation. Maybe my professors need to watch this video. In 15 minutes I learn more than in 6 classes off each 2 hours.
Davina Botheju : I've learned more in 15 mins than I've done an entire semester. Thanks Alex x

09 위계적 회귀분석 | SPSS | PROCESS macro | 프로세스매크로 이용한 기초통계분석과 조절/다중/매개분석 및 조절된 매개분석 | 리서치앤랩 EP.30

리서치앤랩tv 입니다.

황소걸음 아카데미에서 발행한 'SPSS와 PROCESS macro를 이용한 기초통계분석과 조절/다중/매개분석 및 조절된 매개분석' 실습 동영상 입니다.

리서치앤랩 블로그 : https://blog.naver.com/malklum
블로그를 방문하신 후 책 자료실에 들어가면 실습파일을 다운 로드 받을 수 있습니다.

리서치앤랩 홈페이지 : http://www.researchandlab.co.kr/
리서치앤랩은 논문작성에 필요한 통계분석대행, SPSS 원데이 교육, 설문조사대행 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.

설문조사대행, 논문통계분석대행, SPSS 원데이 교육 문의 : malklum@naver.com

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How To... Perform Simple Linear Regression by Hand

Learn how to make predictions using Simple Linear Regression. To do this you need to use the Linear Regression Function (y = a + bx) where "y" is the dependent variable, "a" is the y intercept, "b" is the slope of the regression line, and "x" is the independent variable.

This video also shows you how to determine the slope (b) of the regression line, and the y intercept (a).

In order to determine the slope of a line you will need to first determine the Pearson Correlation Coefficient - this is described in a separate video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SCg8Kuh0tE).
Aard : lmao i just learned an entire semester's worth of lectures in this video. amazing
djcord96 : This is by far the best tutorial on linear regression I’ve ever seen. I have such a hard time remembering formulas. I wish my professor would let us have a list of formulas on tests.
Gale M : Wonderful explanation! Our budgeting textbook is extremely vague and this breaks down the missing steps quite nicely, thank you :)
Pedro Sousa : I wish my Computational Mathematics teacher would have half the teaching skils that Dr. Eugene has. This was the best linear regression class I have ever had and I enjoyed every second. Thankyou Dr. Eugene.
smallathe : Super simple and a wonderful reminder of my graduate math almost 25 years ago... and a very helpful one!... Thank you for posting this!




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