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Viofo A119 v3 Review: Best Affordable Dashcam of 2019

The Viofo A119 v3 is the best new budget dash camera of 2019.
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The Insane Plan to Nuke The Moon in 1959 (Project A119)

Thanks for watching RLL2! The US Air Force had a secret plan in 1959 to nuke the moon called Project A119! During the midst of the Cold War and Space Race, the US and Soviet Union would do almost anything to get the upper hand including bombing our own moon!

The world is an amazing place that offers so much to explore. Join RLL2 as we dive into an array of interesting topics in the areas of Engineering, Science, Technology, and more.

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Animations courtesy of Vincent de Langen

Nuking the moon - The Secret USAF Project A119

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What if the moon wasn't the pristine untouched celestial body that we thought it was when Apollo 11 landed, what if it had already been used as a nuclear testing ground and demonstration of power by the US and the Soviets. Well, that's what could have happened if the secret USAF Project A119 had gone ahead in 1959, this is the story of that and the yet to be famous person that accidentally revealed the top-secret project.

Study of Lunar Research Flights link here

Written, researched and presented by Paul Shillito
Images and footage: NASA, Space Engine, Roscosmos

Music from the Youtube library
Marianas by Quincas Moreira

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