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starstyling German Angst AW 21/22

Photos : starstyling
Make-up : Monica Mejías Faundez
Video \u0026 Music : Hugo Holger Schneider
Cast : Katja Schlegel, Monica Mejías Faundez, Hugo Holger Schneider, Kai Frank Seifried

starstyling : yeah !

Avakin Life Music - (STARSTYLE) by ALXNDR(Alex)

Galaxy One 'features the music from the social avatar mobile app 'Avakin Life'.

1st. Starstyle Theme 0:00 - 3:39
2nd. Cassiopeia 3:40 - 7:04
3rd. Orion 7:05 - 11:45

Alex is an electronic music producer from the UK who works on the 3d avatar bassed app, Avakin you can find music from the game on AlXNDR from the apps Bandcam.
Thank you Flav Avakin for making me discover the bandcamp apps where all the 3 song was.
These song present on my channel is unofficial because i recorded it from the game avakin if you wanted to get the original
Open the link pls

I don't own this song/audio. The credits go to the respective owners. I don't gain any profit from using this song. I just want to share this music. This is a fan music video. This is non-profit.
Miya Ramadanova : FINALLY SOMEONE UPLOADED THIS ,bro I got you i waited more than 3 years for this shit
Шомпик : Nostalgia for the old times in the Avakin life
Aleah Rounds : This song brings back so many memories of friends and working hard to get coins just to save up for that new apartment or just to send your friend a gift. So no matter what reason I have of keep deleting this app I always come back to installing it back up again only because I always had fun no matter if I was dancing on the floor in my new outfit or just chatting up with new ppl. This game will always have generations having a good time.
Leyre Rivera : 8:07 mi parte favorita ❤️
Lyne Fernandes : Bem nostálgica pra mim..
Lembro dos meus primeiros amigos do avk.

LONE STAR - STARSTYLE (Official Video)

The official video for Lone Star's freestyle "Starstyle"

Stream "Starstyle" on all platforms:

Follow Lone Star:

Music in this video:
Song - Star-style
Written by - Lone Star
Artist - Lone Star
Director/editor: JDot Tv

#freestyle #star #rapper
adrian hook : bodied it "Went crazy got my mind back" ... felt that shit
E Money : This shit Mommy
RellzMuzik Official : Going big real soon‼️
RJay Stackzz : Show Dem ✅
J1 : Hardddddddddd




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