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Using An iPod Nano 3rd Gen (2007) In 2021 | Classic Tech

The iPod Nano 3rd Generation was Apple's flagship iPod Nano from the year 2007. It was very popular thanks to its small size and long playback times. In 2020, iPods are all but dead and only used by a handful of people who like using them. Despite using my iPhone 11 to listen to music, I thought I will use this old iPod for a day as my music player and see what its like so many years later. This is my experience in a video!
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radanju3 : I've lost mine probably 10 years ago now, and I'm still suspecting it's stuck somewhere inside my car's center console (after the 4WD selector cover knob broke off exposing a hole). I doubt that for whatever ridiculous reason the iPod nano or my old flash drive for that matter would be there, but hopefully one of these days eventually I'll take apart the center console in hopes of maybe finding this. Playing Vortex with D.B. Walker's Arc Of The Noid music was one, if not the most surreal amazing experience I've had during my childhood.
Pet Palace : I got this model recently. I ordered it on Mercari and it came in the mail on Thursday. Mine is silver and has a red silicone case I got from eBay. I also have a pink case that came with a red case with a screen protector. I love the wheel and Vortex is a fav game of mine on the nano. I never had one of these as a kid or teen.

I love listening to music on it. I currently have 92 songs on it close to 100. I’m having fun with my nano.
tracylynnw : I use mine weekly at work. I bought a silver one about 5 years ago, the charge is still really good in it about 8 hours. When I got it, it was scratched up a bit, it was on the ugly side of things. So I ended up etching tiny leaves all over with a needle made it pretty
Apple Red : I just looked through my old boxes and found this i pod its in perfect condition with no damage and it still works surprisingly, i havent used it for 11 years
David Velazquez : Got a product red version with 8gb and the battery life is decent for an iPod that’s almost 15 years old. It’s so small, it even fits in my wallet.

Apple iPod nano (7th Generation): Unboxing & Review

Unboxing and Review of the new iPod nano 7th Generation.


Apple: http://goo.gl/rPfdk

EarPod Review:

Capacity: 16GB
Display: 2.5" LCD 240 x 432 (202 PPI)
Battery: Music playback time: Up to 30 hours when fully charged
Video playback time: Up to 3.5 hours when fully charged

Lightning Connector
Voice Memos (in-line mic required)
FM Radio (with pause playback recording/ 15 minute buffer)

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DetroitBORG : Farewell iPod nano, you will be missed!
annyten : Its 2017 and i still wanted this.
RNH0724 : Wish Apple still made these. By far my favorite product they ever produced
notlekrut : I have the iPod Nano 3rd Generation since it launched. One of my first Apple devices. It was the best thing I could have at the time. I loved it and it still works amazingly.
ISV Productions : Can you please do more iPod nano videos.

iPod Nano 3rd Generation Take Apart Dismantle "How to" Guide

http://www.RepairsUniverse.com - This iPod Nano 3rd Generation Take Apart Dismantle Guide shows how to access all components of your mp3 player including the lcd screen, lens, cover, headphone jack, battery, motherboard, and click wheel if you need to install replacement parts.\r
iPod replacement spare parts and repair tools can be found on the RepairsUniverse.com web site below.\r
Repairs Universe : @RudedogRacin Some of the housings are very stubborn, but using the right tools make all the difference. A guitar pick may work, but may need something a bit more sturdy. Metal pry tools work great for this, or similarly, a butter knife can get the job done as well. Just take your time with it. Once a small bit is lifted, the rest will come easily.
Repairs Universe : @masteryummy Thanks! I would recommend taking it apart and removing everything. If you cover the ports it will probably be fine, but wont have a great paint job. If you only have the housing, you can get a much better finish with the paint.
Repairs Universe : @RudedogRacin A great test is to hook it up to a computer and see if iTunes recognizes it. If it does not, there is a high possibility of motherboard damage, likely from water.
You can attempt to diagnose it from disassembling the Nano and checking all connection or if any physical damage is present. It is not likely the battery, as the charger would run through the battery and still charge/turn on the device.
Repairs Universe : @masteryummy No problem at all. Can't say we have ever had a real issue when it came to reassembling. Aligning it properly is the most important part. As far as I know, our techs have not expressed any issues with everything not snapping back into place.
Repairs Universe : @HAMMERxHCA Sure - Follow this guide up until around 2:40. From there, remove the few screws holding the back plate onto the front cover and carefully use a pry tool to lift the clickwheel out. The flex cables on these are pretty fragile, so take your time and be sure nothing else is holding the clickwheel in place. Good luck!




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